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12-17-2010, 03:11 PM
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If Phaneuf was actually driven out of town because the players were jealous of his contract then I would concede that, despite his arrogance, he wasn't the problem. Green with envy about a higher paid player because a his production isn't up to your standards? If true, it would be a sign that the core of this team is rotten and if Phaneuf wasn't working out, moving him wouldn't solve the problem the team has.

There is one simple fact that tempers my conclusion here, it is Keenan. A coach with a reputation of not knowing when to back down, whose career has been marred by poor decisions, aggressive meltdowns and petty behavior. No doubt that Keenan understands some sports psychology but he left all but one team because the players drove him out of town by giving up and refusing to play. It shows that Keenan's understanding of sport's psychology is pretty poor.

The biggest thing Keenan had against him was this personal bias, if you did something to impress him early on, it was easy to keep his favor all throughout his tenure as coach. Keenan has treated several players as if they could do no wrong and I think that is a sign that he overvalues a player's contribution and the players that could do no right, they couldn't do anything to win back his favor(something Fleury mentioned in his book as well).

Combine his reputation of player bias, his reputation of pushing teams to the point where they give up and his contradicting quotes brought up by canadajazz and I think it's fair to conclude that he is not a reliable source despite being coach of the team. I sincerely believe that Keenan is telling the truth as he sees it so I wouldn't call him a liar but I would call him biased. The Francis article doesn't confirm anything either, too often sport's journalists hide behind the anonymous source in order to create a juicy story, Francis has been one of the worst culprits of this that I have read. I will wait with baited breath for the next reliable source on Phaneuf's reputation with the Flames. By the way, when does Calgary play Toronto again?

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