Thread: News Article: Hockey News Phaneuf-Stajan trade
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12-17-2010, 04:20 PM
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I'd have say Lunatik is making some pretty compelling arguements.

I think another thing to consider is the current trend of NHL contracts. Sutter is smart enough to avoid signing a player to 10-15 years, but besides that, a top line centre will come at the cost of 6-million or more. Jokinen was half that for only two years, which isn't bad considering that Jokinen only put up 50 points. I too never hated on the Jokinen signing.

Daryl Sutter has gone for the quantity (a deep team) over quality (two solid lines) approach, and hasn't been successful because these players aren't consistent or playing to their potential. Considering that we haven't developed our own superstars, that's the safe approach to go because otherwise we might have made a Kovalchuk kinda of deal. But oh well, at least the "questionable" players on this roster aren't locked up very long.

You guys have to keep in mind that Daryl Sutter respects NHL players, in that he doesn't bury veteran players in the minors or place them on waivers (although Staios is rotting in the press box - but that's from poor play). He places prospects on waivers so that way they can have a chance with other teams instead of wasting their talents in the minors. And that speaks volumes to players, and if we're going to land good players in this cold-climate city, we'll need to be a first class organization.

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