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Name: Brian
Where You are From:Chapel Hill, NC
Where You Live Now: Raleigh, NC
Nationality: Americane
Hair Color:White
Eye Color:Blue
Mode of Transportation:2002 Nissan Sienna (or my legs)
Job:Cook Out
What Brought you to HFBoards: Searched "What Fans of the NHL think of the Carolina Hurricanes fans" to find trash talk from Sabres fans.
How you became a Hockey Fan: Our HS Football team sucked, Baseball is boring, NBA is boring and sucks. I went to a couple games in the 2008-09 season, because my family needed something to do together. When the playoffs came around, the Shock at the Rock and 7th game OT goal by Scott Walker ensured that I would never turn my back on this team.
How You became a 'Canes Fan: See above
Favorite thing about being a 'Canes fan: The diving
The tailgating, and the community.
Favorite 'Canes Players: Jeff Skinner, Jiri Tlusty, Andrej Sekera, Brett Bellemore.
Favorite NON 'Canes Players: Dustin Byfuglien, Andrew Ladd, Tobias Enstrom, Claude Girioux. But I honestly don't really follow other teams that much.
Other Sports you Like: NFL Casual, College, Bandwagon Raptors (NBA)
Other Sports Teams you Cheer For: WOLFPACK IN THE HOUSE!! And Panthers I guess
College Attending: NCSU
Video Game Systems Owned: N64,. Wii, PS3,
Favorite Game: Meh.
Music You Listen to: Whatever is on the Radio, TV on the Radio (great band), Chvrches, Oasis, OneRepublic, Mumford and Sons.
Favorite Movie(s): Inception, Gangs of New York, The Avengers.
Favorite Book(s): A Song of Ice and Fire; The Warded Man; The Desert Spear; The Daylight War; Band of Brothers; In Cold Blood.
Favorite Foods: American and Chineese
Favorite TV Shows: Symbionic Titan, Game of Thrones, American Dad, Rick and Morty.
Hockey Jerseys: Black RBK Real, Red Staal (Assitant) Replica
Anything Else: If I start ranting about leadership, I'm probably drunk.

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