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12-18-2010, 06:26 AM
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Cable ISP provider in Montreal that doesnt throttle speed.

Hi all.

Im looking to switch my sympatico internet provider because i dont like them. Everybody know they throttle your download speed with torrents, which imo is unnaceptable because they already limit you with a limit of Gigs you can download.

Im looking for a reliable cable internet provider ( because i read a bit that DLS internet get throttled by all ISP, correct me if im wrong here ), other than videotron, because videotron charge you 52.95 a month for the 7.5 mbp line and 40g limit, which i think is too expensive.

Anyone have good recommandation? Also seeking, if possible, an ISP that can rent you the modem or give you the option to buy it as you pay per month.

Thanks in advance for your recommandation if you got 2 minutes to help.

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