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12-19-2010, 01:06 AM
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The Iginla Factor

Jarome Iginla has been the heart and soul for the Calgary Flames for a very long time now. He has time and time again been our best player for years. He has carried this time through hell and back but has always been there putting up the best damn effort he can for the better of the team. Just look at the 2004 playoffs, he was our go to guy, our leader and our savior when we needed him most.

In saying that i feel really bad for the guy for being thrown under a bus for a slow start to the season. There have been countless threads and rumors of "Iginla trade proposals". I understand fully and completely that the Flames are soon going to be in a rebuild but i would no doubt in my mind keep Iginla. Lose Regehr, Bo, even Borque too but there is no asset on this team as valuable as Iggy! As much as i love Kipper, i would trade him too for the future of the flames.

I really think this is just an off season for the Flames. Hell, look at the Canucks in 2006/2007, they didnt even make the playoffs but are still a powerhouse of a team. I say give it till next season and see what these guys are really made of. It's not as bad as everyone potrays it to be

Is it really time to rebuild or can the Flames muster up enough wins to make the playoffs and get rid of ridiculous contracts for higher picks? (Staios) On a side note, i really love Sarich, i think he is one of our best defenceman and i wouldn't trade him in a heartbeat

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