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12-19-2010, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by luckyirish83 View Post
I really think this is just an off season for the Flames. Hell, look at the Canucks in 2006/2007, they didnt even make the playoffs but are still a powerhouse of a team. I say give it till next season and see what these guys are really made of. It's not as bad as everyone potrays it to be

Is it really time to rebuild or can the Flames muster up enough wins to make the playoffs and get rid of ridiculous contracts for higher picks? (Staios) On a side note, i really love Sarich, i think he is one of our best defenceman and i wouldn't trade him in a heartbeat
Its not an off season. The Calgary Flames are a bad team. If Calgary replaced Joker with Savard, they 'could' be a fringe playoff team. As it sits now, Calgary is burdened with huge paydays and ntc's and a team full of underachievers. The absolute worst prospect pool according to hockeyfutures and a gm who seems willing to trade the future to save his job. Things are not good.

For your second point, its not likely the flames will make the playoffs. They are 6 points back and the teams they need to catch pretty much all have 2 games in hand. So its safe to say that they are closer to 8 points back. In an incredibly strong and talented western conference calgary will have to have a winning percentage equal to that of detroit from here on out to make the playoffs. That simply isnt going to happen. The time for a rebuild is now. If calgary waits too long, its core wont be able to fetch 1sts and prospects as they will be old and on the decline. If you wait for that to happen the only way out is with many years of lottery drafts.... something which people are predicting will happen anyways.... trade iginla and kipper now. Get firsts and prospects now before its too late. Nobody wants to see calgary turn into the next Islanders.

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