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12-19-2010, 01:00 AM
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Jesus Christ what a frustrating game to be at. The Flames played well and had possession for the majority of the second. Then bam, down 2 goals. The Flames who simply cannot make basic passes showed up tonight.

I had MASSIVE frustration during the last 8 minutes of the third. The jumbotron had a video on perseverance and resilency and saying we won't give up. The fans who are still there (not a lot at this point, even after 3-1) and we all go ****ing nuts, trying to wake the guys up. Huge energy in the building, and videos with Flames saying we won't give up.

Then they pan the bench and the general look is disinterest or like they'd already given up. So frustrating.

Originally Posted by FLAMES666 View Post
I don't know about anyone else but Brent Sutter is simply making bad coaching decisions this game. What message is he trying to send by playing the 4th line like its our first when were down. They were out there on the 3rd Minnesota goal cause they couldn't clear the zone, now they get extra ice time? What did Backlund and Kotalik do to get benched. Its a big game and your expecting the 4th line to tie it up, get your head out of your A$$ sutter!
I tried to get a "Fire the Sutters" chant going, but it was too late and nobody cared anymore. Backlund and Kotalik looked a hell of a lot better than our first line tonight. Iggy had some chances, but oh my ****ing christ I wanted to kill Tanguay. He refused to shoot tonight. Stajan, despite the goal was ****ing terrible. Just brutal. I'm so furious that Sutter signed him for the money and term he did.

I'm still livid. The only guys that showed up to play were Gio, Sarich, Bouwmeester, and Jackman. Kostopolus was up and down all night. Pardy was a turnover machine in our zone. Morrison was floating all night. I was actually pleased with Jokinen from about the halfway point on. Before that not so much. The cycle still dies on his stick more often than not. Sigh. Kipper was okay, but not stellar by any stretch. Bourque had a few decent shifts, but then had bad ones the following one. The shots on net stat was deceiving, we may have had an edge but so many of our shots were ****. I swear to god I think Backlund was the only forward who really came back defensively consistently tonight and had a good scoring chance and then he got benched. I ****ing hate the Sutters at this point. Get rid of all of them.

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