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12-19-2010, 01:11 AM
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Winter Classic Tandem Cycle Video

For those unaware, an impressive charity event was staged by one of our own long-time forum members, Flountown, and his buddy. They rode a tandem bicycle from the Spectrum to Boston's Fenway Park in frigid cold, ice and snow road conditions to attend the Winter Classic... even though they are not avid cyclists, and had never before rode a tandem. Riding hundreds of miles when you are not used to long distance cycling, and doing so in bad conditions on a self propelled vehicle that is new to you is to me most remarkable.

Top that off by doing it all for a selfless charity and you have a great tale of human nature, IMO.

There is a gentleman I know named Michael Gaughan who produces and films shorts for Bike TV that syndicates out of NYC to various cable markets... He is an award winner and has had his films presented in various film festivals around the World. I contacted Mike with this story since he is both a bicycle enthusiast and a Philly sports fan who was born and raised in the area... He was eager to get the story on film. I was elated I could be the go-between and passed on the contact numbers... and was so glad I did when I viewed the finished product.

A copy of it has just recently been placed on YouTube... so now everyone can see the story. The charity information is at the end... and they are still in great need of support.


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