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12-19-2010, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
I'm not sure any team is going to panic this early in the year and give up their first rounders or take on our big contracts. Considering the cap-hit is mostly absorbed by the receiving team this early. Look at the other teams around the league; most contenders are up against the cap, and most teams with plenty NHL cap-space have an inside cap or financial problems, and several teams are still thinking about the future and need their picks & prospects, so tha't leaves a hand full of teams, but the Flames roster can't be distributed among so few teams.
Which is what is sort of scary. I think calgary can get it done though. I can think of 29 teams that would love to have iginla. Sure, not many can eat his contract, but what calgary is after is picks/prospects. Iginla will undoubtedly fetch a first and a good prospect, but calgary will have to eat some salary coming back. Ideally an overpaid guy with 1 year left on his contract. Kipper and Regehr will be able to fetch firsts also. Same deal though, expect cap back.

I can see a lot of teams willing to pick up an elite RW, G and shutdown defenceman come deadline time. Only problem for calgary is they will have to have some cap on the return. A good gm however will ensure that cap is either movable, or a non issue at years end (1 year left). If calgary can notch 3 firsts and some prospects, or even 2 firsts plus their own, they will be able to jump up in the draft and pick up a stud. They could be back on track within 3-4 years, competing with the avs for the division (as at that point nucks will regress likely and avs will be the powerhouse of the nw). If they do nothing, and continue on with the Sutter philosophy of just trying to make the playoffs at all costs.... it "could" potentially be closer to a decade.

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