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12-19-2010, 01:20 PM
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And so goes being a fan of a team on a budget. I'm not sure what's so surprising about this. It's how things have always been and will be until more people around here start going to games consistently (something that seems to be happening).

I agree that O'Reilly doesn't deserve $3mil/yr right now, but you have to remember that he isn't our "1st line center". We don't really have a first line. Right now the two centers we have playing the most minutes (at center) are O'Reilly and Goc. We have Legwand (yeah let's not argue about him) and Lombardi still out. Our next options are moving Wilson back to center, moving Spaling up, moving Smithson up, or calling someone (Lundmark) up from Milwaukee. Beyond that it's make a move, and I don't think we're ready to start making trades, especially not for "true" 1st line centers. As for a Cal'O raise, I'd say somewhere between $1.5 and $2 mil assuming his production stays the same as it is now.

Like it or not Sullivan is our leading scorer right now. If you're going to have anyone playing top minutes it ought to be your leading scorer. Whether or not he should be here is moot I suppose, but the winning argument every time is going to be "Well, he is so use him how he's effective." He isn't pre-injury Sullivan, but to write his entire career in Nashville off as just some cast away scrub who happened to get minutes here and produced is a re-writing of history. He isn't a huge star, some flashy player who makes even players on the ice stand still to admire his ability. He wasn't just thrown away by a bad Chicago team, either. He got what he was worth. A couple of second round picks. Bad teams always deem good-to-great players expendable. Look how being a seller and stockpiling picks for a handful of seasons worked in Chicago's favor. Sullivan went on to post three consecutive point-per-game seasons before getting hurt. The man is getting old and needs to be replaced by someone younger and more skilled, but can we at least give him his dues?

I think we're all on the same boat with upgrading our offense, but at what cost? A substantial upgrade offensively could cost us Suter or Weber. Patience could bite us in the ass again. It's just a matter of deciding which path has the least amount of long term risk to the team, and hoping it works out in the end.

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