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12-19-2010, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Led Zappa View Post
I have yet to see you agree with any rumored player coming to the Sharks as a fit. They either won't come here, don't fit, aren't available or aren't any good to begin with.

I think you posted like 5 people once that would be a fit, that might come here. Then DW would have to find the right assets to get them of which I bet you would think out of line.

I think in your world there is absolutely no-one that the Sharks "could get" that would "fit" at the "right price". MAYBE ONE OR TWO. But that puts the odds that we could actually get them nearly a million to one.

That tells me the Sharks are pretty dam well built to begin with.
The reason the pickings are so slim is that most of the "names" are older and were drafted in an era when skating was less of a priority, or they have lost a step from their respective heydays. I had several names at the outset of UFA, but they all went elsewhere.

I don't think the Sharks are well assembled in terms of a cup. Those thoughts apply to MANY other teams. I think they fall considerably short in footspeed and/or speed of play. The same is true for many other teams on just those issues. I do think the Sharks are still good enough to be solidly in the playoffs, but I think the time is drawing nigh when that will not be the case. And I don't think any amount of trading will help that. I don't think trading for the sake of trading is a good way to address the issues of the Sharks. My benchmark for an excellent GM is using scalpels and not meat cleavers with accurate diagnoses. Part of that is executing under the radar acquisitions where he is actually acquiring players who are extremely motivated when an acquisition is necessary. It is NOT necessarily getting the biggest name available.

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