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12-19-2010, 05:29 PM
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This should clear everything up
This is straight from Winnwell, I emailed them and they got back to me within an hour

Winnwell is not owned by Canadian Tire. Perani's had a stake in the
business when it was purchased from Irwin Toys back in 2002, however
that stake no longer exists and the company is privately owned by a
family in Toronto.

Our sticks are definitely not constructed by painting over competitors
sticks (absurd claim). We use a number of manufacturers overseas to
construct our composite sticks and one domestic manufacturer in Quebec
that handles our wood and custom/NHL business.

Most of our composite shafts in the market use a single concave mould,
however there are probably some older sticks of ours in the market
with a more boxy design. As for the product specific comments
regarding our Pro480 and GX8 models, these are very similar in
construction. The Pro480 is a SMU (special makeup) for Canadian Tire
while the GX8 is part of our catalogue line. Both models are
constructed using 100% graphite which achieves the sub 500g weight,
but the GX8 has a slightly more high end skin surface than the Pro480
(True 12K instead of Folded 12K). In either case the value that these
sticks offer cannot be matched in the marketplace. Nobody is selling a
sub 500g product under $100.

Our new website will launch before the end of December with most of
our 2011 products available to view along with a newsletter signup and
a store locator in case anybody wants to find our products outside of
Canadian Tire.

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