Thread: News Article: Hockey News Phaneuf-Stajan trade
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12-19-2010, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Fan 4 Life View Post
Okay and to say he is at market value for 3.5 is fine. My only issue was this... can't tell me you weren't trying to use his projected assists to show that he is actually on a deal of a contract. You clearly put him on the level of these other 45+ assist players and then compare their salaries to make a point, he isn't on any of those players levels, therefore the point you tried to make there just isn't accurate.

You can certainly make arguements that 3.5 million for Stajan is market value based on other players at his level.

Again, just to be clear, my issue is that you directly compared Stajans salary against Lecavliers, Kopitars, Koivus, Perrys, and Getzlafs to try and show that Stajan makes less then other players of equal talents as Stajan. Stajan, simply put, is not as good as those players.
I never once said Stajan was as good as those players... cleary you didnt understand the points I was trying to make... which were he makes market value, not a bargain nor overpaid... just market value... ans that assists are still production because the half wits in here don't seem to understand that

Originally Posted by Dallas Hockey Fan View Post
To say his play is not contributing to the reason the Flames are at the bottom of the league is THE dumbest thing I have heard in a long time.

Even the moron behind the bench knows enough to bench him
I knew expecting you to comrehend a hockey conversation was clearly too much to ask... but to simplify for you... I said his prosduction isn't the MAIN reason... I never once said he wasn't a contributing factor... every player on the team is a contributing factor

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