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12-19-2010, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by rban View Post
People seem to often forget that Briere makes 6.5 mil a year and is 33 years old and signed for another 5 years.

How good will he be and will he be worth over 6 mil/yr when he hits 35 and over?

Right now the primary offensive Philly core is Briere-Giroux-Richards-Carter, but of that foursome only the last three are young and signed for decent contracts.

It is quite possible that after a couple of years, efforts will be on to trade Briere. In fact I can see a situation where Briere, Prongs, and Timos perfromance all drop off a cliff due to age.

In that case Briere will be traded... and the logical thing to do would be to trade him for a star defenceman who is good enough to do what Prongs or Timo are doing now.
And if so, a cheap and effective JVR would be a candidate to take Briere's place.

Keep him and see how JVR develops.
QUESTION: If Briere's performance drops off a cliff... How will the Flyers be able to get a star defenceman back for him who is good enough to do what Pronger or Timonan is doing now while they are still playing great?

... Besides the obvious, please keep in mind that Briere's NMC would restrict the trade possibilities since he would have to agree to waive the clause and would most likely not agree to for the lower level teams or for certain markets.

All that said, I suppose you mean JvR would be a candidate for Briere's vacated center position... and not his role. He would be vying with Giroux who would have an edge in moving back to center.

I personally believe that Briere could be a force throughout his career, even at an older age. He has the savvy and is clutch and able to raise his play to the next level when needed... His speed, even if reduced, and nasty play could make him valuable down the line also.

To me if JvR were to be moved, it would be due to the Flyers losing faith in his fitting in to the team moving forward... So if they keep him it would be to establish him in a position of need and of what could be his strength. I don't see them looking at him as a center on a team where center is a strength... Power forward at wing is a need, IMO.

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