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10-08-2003, 04:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Mizral
As I noted. The Canucks received an elite defenseman for Pavel Bure. Kevin Lowe received Marty Reasoner for Doug Weight. MASSIVE difference in player value - was Doug Weight really in that good of a situation that he could be dealt for nothing? No. Burke not only maximized the return for Bure, but ended up winning the deal that many pundits said could not be won. Lowe ended up with a bottom 6 checking line centre...
At the time, the Canucks didn't receive an elite level defenceman. They received a highly touted pick that had done nothing but really struggle. And the Oilers didn't get just Reasoner for Weight, come on now, even you can't be that short-sighted.

Was Doug Weight really in that good of a situation that he could be dealt for nothing?

You may want to re-think that answer. Doug Weight was 30 years old, and was 1 year away from being a UFA. Now, if you are a smart GM and are thinking about trading for him, the first thing you do is call his agent and ask "Will he sign a long term deal here?". If he answers no, are you going to trade lots for him? I doubt it. St. Louis was offering 2 guys in Hecht and Reasoner who at various points in the season showed a hell of a lot of promise (the year before they came to Edmonton). Did Lowe get full value for Doug Weight? Not at the time, but he probably got the best deal he could considering the circumstances.

Now compare that with Bure. Bure was in the middle of a long term contract, not yet near being a UFA, and I don't recall Bure ever submitting a list of teams he would accept a trade to either, thereby creating more of a bidding war than Weight could have gotten.

Don't compare apples to oranges here, because that is what the Bure and Weight situations were.

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