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12-20-2010, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
I don't think the the PA would try to get rid of the burying of contracts, as the players are still receiving their salaries.
If there was some way of getting out of paying them their full salaries, they'd have a problem, but there isn't.

I hate the idea of a soft cap system so much because it defeats the whole point of having a cap in the first place.
There will always be poor teams, middle of the pack teams, well off teams, and rich teams.
When it comes down to it, the rich teams are always going to win the bidding wars in a soft capped or uncapped league, because even if the well off teams have the money, they may not be able to afford the luxury tax, so a soft cap is just an enabler.

Look what happens in the NBA, like the abomination to the sport that is the Miami Heat, or the fact that over half of the championships in that sport have been won by two teams and almost all of them were won by like 6 teams, or that the same team appeared in the finals 7 teams in the past decade and won 5 of the championships.

The NBA is the only thing I've ever even tried following besides hockey (and I couldn't because of the fact that the league is just a couple of teams who are good and then a bunch who have no chance), but the MLB seems ridiculous too.
Of course I don't follow it, but it seems like the Red Sox and Yankees just signed all of the guys who were any good while the rest got the scraps.
No matter how much I hate football, look how competitive it is with a hard cap.

With the importance of in-house development in hockey, a soft cap or capless league would just make many teams into feeder teams for the large market teams, which is stupid to me.
The fact that really any team in the NHL that is managed well can have a shot is what makes it interesting, at least in my opinion.

Once he learns about hockey, I think he will realize that his ideas just don't work for it.
If he doesn't realize that, I hope that a rival league pops up, because I'd much rather follow that than follow a hockey league that is trying to act like the biggest joke of league you can find in North America.
Except the yankees havnt signed anyone this offseason really and they almost lost their own division last season. As far as the red sox, they didn't even make the playoffs last year so yeah they're gonna push hard in free agency to compete this year. Im not saying that there's no truth in your words, just trying to point out that its NOT just the red sox and yankees like many non baseball fans think.

As far as the nba, I just casually watch but the lakers won many championships cause they've had two hyper dominant players (shaq in the early 00s and kobe in the latter 00s) and a legendary coach. They've become an organization that players want to play for, just like detroit in the nhl football and the pats in football.

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