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Originally Posted by goooal View Post
Except the yankees havnt signed anyone this offseason really and they almost lost their own division last season. As far as the red sox, they didn't even make the playoffs last year so yeah they're gonna push hard in free agency to compete this year. Im not saying that there's no truth in your words, just trying to point out that its NOT just the red sox and yankees like many non baseball fans think.

As far as the nba, I just casually watch but the lakers won many championships cause they've had two hyper dominant players (shaq in the early 00s and kobe in the latter 00s) and a legendary coach. They've become an organization that players want to play for, just like detroit in the nhl football and the pats in football.
Well, all ESPN went on about last week was how the Yankees lost the bidding war for Cliff Lee.
Like I said, I don't care about baseball but it's ridiculous.
Literally a day after the season ended, they started in with the talk of Lee moving to a larger market team.

And the Red Sox almost lost their division, so what?
They already have a bunch of talented players and they signed a guy who I just looked up that was named "the face of the Rays' franchise" and ESPN showed that now almost all odds makers have the Red Sox as sure winners of the World Series.
And since I watch SportsCenter, I know both the Rays and the Rangers were decent teams but they've now both lost huge parts of their team to the Sox and Phillies because of bidding wars.

Even if the Lakers have insanely talented players, you don't see the domination to that degree in hockey when teams have uber players.
I don't know who their players are really or their salary situation, but they are able to surround their players with talent that brings the whole team to an unreal level it seems, and one would think that is possible because they are the most popular team and have the money to pay luxury taxes.
As for the Celtics, they have the big three or whatever that they signed, plus Rondo, plus Shaq now and they still have a decent bench.
The Heat have their big three and a supporting cast of scrubs mostly, but I think they went over cap with those three signings or something, so the soft cap is just encouraging bad habits because they can load up on free agents and sign minimum deals to fill the team.
The Knicks are going to buy up Carmleo Anthony from the smaller market Nuggets and already got Stoudemire this summer.

I don't follow football, but when was the last time Detroit signed a big free agent?
Marian Hossa, who signed a one year contract?
How'd that one work out?
They are just good at developing their players.

Hockey of course isn't as popular as "America's pastime" or basketball, so even if large market teams dominated because of the lack of a cap, there wouldn't be much money.
It's still a niche sport and the NHL is trying to grow the game, not just sell it to markets that already care and even then have nowhere near as much interest as the other major sports.
Going back to not having a cap would go against everything the league has been trying to do.

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