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12-20-2010, 01:45 AM
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Eh. Fehr's not an idiot and the players don't have leverage. I posted this in the main board thread on this, but someone who's represented a lot of hockey players and is a current MLBPA rep came to speak at my school and he said that we shouldn't look at Fehr's history with baseball because of how different the situations are. I interpreted that as basically, striking is never really off the table, but its unlikely in the current environment.

Granted, this is the same guy who went off on how salary caps are bad because the Blackhawks "gutted" their team (at which point I almost walked out of the lecture), so I don't know how honest the guy was, but it's worth sharing.

Additionally, I like the cap. It lets rich teams be rich with cost certainty, but prevents poorer clubs from being major league farm teams and prevents stupid **** like the Holik contract.

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