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12-20-2010, 08:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post

I simply don't get all the Rozy hate. Yes, I facepalm just like everyone else when the guy makes a mistake. But seriously, the dude gets absolutely crucified when he makes ONE blunder, while at the same time getting zero credit for playing solid, albeit un-flashy, defense 99% of the time.

Yes, he's overpaid. WE GET IT. I would love to see how all the haters would handle it if, everytime at work, they got reamed by their boss for every typo or mathematical error, because that's pretty much what happens to the poor *******.

Seriously? I'm not one that jumps on the hate bandwagons, but if you guys are going to defend the guy then you need to watch him more closely not just criticize peoples bad opinions of him. Look again at the video Punxrockny put up, look at the Zherdev goal when he came out of the box...who is on the ice for the Rangers? DZ and Rozsival. Who has no clue that there is someone coming out of the box for the other team? Zherdev is Rozsival's responsibility at the very least to be aware that time is expiring on the PP and there will be a man down the ice on his side of the rink. How long has he been in this league, how do you not pick that up? Are we going to claim that this was his one blunder?

Fast-forward to 3:20 and the Leino goal, and watch the replay of the entry into the zone by Briere. Who does Briere blow by practically standing at the blueline? Yes, that is Rozsival too. Look at the way he plays Briere, he practically stumbles over (almost like when he fell over and lost his stick on the Richards goal), is that how a "steady defenseman" plays a man coming into the zone? Maybe that was his one blunder?

Point is, the guy is FAR from being our best, or one of our better defenseman. They all make mistakes out there, but Rozsival's are ones that either rookies make or old players that have lost it make. He does make good plays here and there, but you can't say that people jump on him for no reason. There are plenty of reasons, you just have to look.

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