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12-20-2010, 12:37 PM
Johnny Hoxville
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Matt Stajan last season scored 19 goals, and in 08/09 - 15 goals, and in 07/08 - 16 goals. This season his goal production is down, but his assist totals are up, so for those that cannot figure out what that translates into, it shows that he is still producing offensively. And guess what, assists lead to goals. I don't care if he is scoring or passing the puck, if he is putting up 55-60+ points a season then I am fine with his contract.

What can you expect from a 2nd line centre, IMO you should expect him to produce decent numbers, be a good play maker, be good in your own end, and be good in FO's, and Stajan is all these things. He is pretty good at everything, but great at nothing.

Production wise, Stajan has put up very similar numbers to Joe Pavelski. Except Stajan put up 6 more points than Pavelski last season. Pavelski has 7 more points than Stajan this year, he has also played 6 more games. Don't get me wrong, I would take Pavelski any day of the week over Stajan and Pavelski is better all around, but they're production and numbers are comparable. And Pavelski makes 4 million a season as a second line centre. If we had Pavelski as our second line centre, no one in this city would be complaining about his salary (well it is Calgary, maybe that isn't true).

Granted if Stajan was playing on the second line, his numbers would likely drop off a little, but for what he is producing right now his contract is fair. Stajan has been part of the problem this season, but he hasn't been our worst player either. He does need to be better, and he knows that himself. But the Flames as a group collectively need to be much better and Stajan is no exception. Hopefully his benching motivates him to elevate his game. I am just trying to point out that his contract is not as bad as people are saying it is, I just wish the term was not long as it is. However, he is signed to a fair cap hit during what should be his best years in the NHL.

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