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Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
Negative...I think Nodl exceeds expectations...though based on the Pens game, I think Laviolette should feed him some protein shakes and big macs because he got pushed around a bit...

My issues have been the Esche/Biron/Emery/Leighton experience - all of those goalies who were inconsistent and often have-beens/never-weres that we thought we could save and would be our saviors...
Biron was inconsistent. Esche was...well Esche. Leighton was just terrible. And Emery was great until the career ending disease thing.

Biron and Emery were definitely two of the better goalies the Flyers have had since Hextall though. There's no reason to hate them.

[QUOTE=FlyersMania2;29681984]biggest issue of all was probably Randy Jones...definitely a Stevens thing. Maybe because Stevens was from the same home town but never cut it in the big leagues so Jones would for him...terrible d-man that we kept way too long[QUOTE]

Jones was awful, but he's no longer our problem.

Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
I liked Nitty and Bouch and often got flack for that from everyone on here...
Well neither were better than Emery or Biron. Niitty could've been, but he was hurt way too much. That's why the Flyers stepped away from him.

Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
otherwise, I love our current roster besides the occasional half-hearted performances from Carter or Zherdev or JVR...though Zherdev I am a big fan of (so much fun to watch)
Don't know why Carter is viewed as lazy. It's the same bizarre thing that I hear about JVR, even though it's really not true.

Zherdev was floating around for a while but has looked reinvented since he was benched. Lazy is not the word to describe. In fact, it's pretty much the opposite of lazy. He tries to do too much without worrying about the consequences.

Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
He is weak on the puck and is constantly doing the one-hand on the stick thing to catch a pass or to pass to another player...which (unless you are highly skilled) is being lazy and thus, he is uninspired.
Watch JVR a little more carefully instead of just randomly noticing him. He does a lot of good things on the ice.

Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
Why is everyone so impressed with him...he can hardly finish his own plays and when he does score, it's usually Hartnell-esque, not that of a high player.
It's not that anyone is particularly "impressed" with him, it's just that there's no real reason to hate him. He works hard, he does his job, he produces as much as he can, and he's cheap. What's not to like?

Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
Zherdev aside (who I do admit IS uninspired but has the stick-handling/skating of an elite player)...who in the recent drafts (say last 4 years) that's been in the top 5 is comparable to JVR
2nd - E. Staal is E. Staal.
3rd - Horton is finally showing signs of life after years of "flashes."
4th - Zherdev has been all over the map as everyone knows.
5th - Vanek is getting paid like an all-star, but Vanek's level certainly isn't out of the question for JVR.

1st - Ovechkin is Ovechkin.
2nd - Malkin is Malkin, though he's certainly nothing special lately.
4th - 24-year-old Ladd is finally having a breakout season.
5th - Look how many Boston fans are trying to get value for Wheeler and that should be all you need to know.

1st - Crosby is Crosby.
2nd - Ryan, much like JVR now, was considered a bust until breaking out a little later than expected.
4th - Pouliot is pretty "meh" so far.

2nd - J. Staal is awesome defensively, but where's this supposed offensive surge he was supposed to show? He's yet to break 50.
3rd - Toews is Toews.
4th - Backstrom is Backstrom.
5th - Kessel sucks defensively and certainly isn't putting up tons of points. Granted it's Toronto, but being better than Kessel certainly isn't out of reach for JVR.

1st - P. Kane is P. Kane.
2nd - JVR is who we're discussing.
3rd - Turris sure as hell isn't doing anything special.

1st - Stamkos is Stamkos.

1st - Tavares is pretty good so far.
3rd - Duchene as well.
4th - As is E. Kane.
5th - B. Schenn looks like he'll be good, but this was a great year to need a forward in the first 5 picks.

1st - Hall is breaking out.
2nd - Seguin hasn't done anything really noteworthy yet.
4th - Johansen is having a solid year in the WHL.
5th - Niederreiter is having a solid year in the WHL as well after getting sent back.

So it's not like JVR is completely out of place among top 5 forward picks.

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