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12-20-2010, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Pernell Karl View Post
I said Cammalleri had a bad game and wasn't playing how he could which was true, as he's showed lately how good he can be, but he wasn't playing this way at the beginning of the year. Weird how he's also started playing way better once being put back with Plekanec who according to you doesn't help make Cammalleri a better player.
Once again putting words in my mouth

I said Cammalleri helped Plekanec just as much as the other way around, and I still think so.

I also said Cammalleri without Plekanec isn't any more affected than Plekanec without Cammalleri. To which people said how the duo with the best chemestry in the team was Plekanec and Kostitsyn, and how Gionta was even a better complement to this line. People even went on to say how Cammalleri is an ego-maniac who doesn't care about the team, and how he's not the same player as before. He was being crapped on all over the place, because people forgot all about what he did for this team after one bad sequence. You'd think the blame was all on his shoulders according to some people here.

Weird how now it's not the case anymore, how he's not an ego-maniac, and how Kostitsyn is back to his old good retarded self.

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