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Originally Posted by Kismet View Post
I am in agreement with those in agreement that the biggest legal hurdle in the agreement is the funnelling of operating expenses charading as “Arena Management Fees”. But I am hoping someone here can clear up a question I have on the parking arrangement. I asked a few days ago, but I haven’t had a response. So, now that I’ve stuffed myself with enough cookies to fill the crushing loneliness and despair, I am willing to try again!

Section 8.1.2 of the draft agreement lists the not less than 5,500 parking spaces as the “City Parking Area

Section 8.1.5 designates “not less than 500 parking spaces of the City Parking Area as the Team Parking Area, which shall be reserved only for the Team, the Arena Manager and their designees.”

Section 8.1.1 seems to exclude the Team Parking Area from the Arena Parking Rights

Section 9.9.1 shows that the $100,000,000 payment is for the Arena Parking Rights

So, here it is...are they paying for the rights to 5,500 spots or 5,000?
Good Question, it reads like 5,000 arena spots + 500 team spots = 5500 total spots but i'm not sure.

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