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12-20-2010, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
Sorry bro, I didn't realize the Phillies have to win for a fan to enjoy watching a series. Just because we got beat by an inferior team doesn't mean it wasn't a good series.

Halladay won with injury. Oswalt came out in relief, which is something he has done like 10 times in his entire career, and even better, it's something he ASKED CHARLIE to do. He just had this attitudes like, "**** you, if you want to win this game, I'm going to force your to beat me."

He lost, but I liked the swagger.

Our offense was weak, but outside of Ross so where they.
I agree, Oswalt was very gutsy, despite not pitching well overall in the series, and Halladay endeared himself to the city even more than he already was with his post-injury performance.

However, I would classify that series as utterly painful as I watched our team leave RISP in heaps (including bases loaded), pitched to Ross in the same spot 3 times for 3 HRs in 2 games and overall were outplayed by a severely inferior team who, apparently, wanted it more.

VERY little was enjoyable about that serious.

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