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12-20-2010, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by six sigma View Post
I usually like to check out the other team's gdt the night before, to see what their fans have to say about the matchup...but the Cats board doesn't seem to have one yet. We must be spoiled.

Whatever, beat their ***** and head into the break on a good note.
Our GDT. have been weak this season, but overall very nice when put up. Ours are probably around 10th-15th best on these boards overall, besides this season. Not anywhere near yours or the Habs GDT. though.

Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
Vokoun is always a tough nut to crack but Florida isn't exactly scary. Bang in two rebounds and collect the victory.
That's the thing. If Vokoun rebound control is off against you guys early,it always seems to signal a long night for the Panthers and no chance at victory.

Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
If the flyers play their usual game they should have this one by a country mile.. i know every team in the nhl is dangerous on any given night, but florida are built for us to beat... hopefully, as statistically special teams will be irrelevant. They are awful on the powerplay, while not giving away pim's, which when you look at our play recently should be a positive! Add in the fact were twice as good as any other team in the nhl at even strength and this should be a win. But i supose i should not be counting my chickens before they hatch! Looking forward to this one, no more games in a while, the only thing i hate about x-mas... less hockey on.
Panthers are really strong 5 on 5. If Flyers maintain puck possession with the bigger bodies up front, Panthers will be forced into taking penalties, and then game over unless Vokoun stands on his head.

I love reading your guys GDT. vs. Panthers. Brings me back to some of the best memories in Panthers history during that series when everyone told me my team did not stand a chance in hell vs. the Flyers. Next time can you post a Jovo picture lighting up Lindros, or Lindros quote on video of winning the next game in the series. No problem right because you guys don't like him anymore anyways

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