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06-17-2005, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by DaveBrown21
???...any 4th liner on Det (ex. Dandenault, McCarty), NJ (ex. Pandolfo, Gionta), Colo (ex. Hinote, Laperriere), or Dal (ex. Barnes, Val Bure) are at least twice the players Somik will ever be.
With all due respect, you are just demonstrating some basic lack of hockey knowledge. First of all, Dandenault is listed as D and plays a lot of D. McCarty can be a good player, but last year, 11 points in 43 games, still a good 4th liner though I'll give you that.

Pandalfo plays 3rd line for the Devils, so not a valid argument there. Gionta plays 1st line with the Devils with Gomez and Elias, not a valid argument there.

Hinote is a minus player on a playoff team who also has a tendency to pick up bad penalties. He is one guy that I would take over Somik though. Laperriere plays 3rd line, once again, not a valid argument.

Barnes plays 3rd line C for Dallas, sadly once again, not a valid argument. Bure plays 2nd line wing for Dallas, not a valid argument.

So of the 8 guys you listed, 5 do not play on the 4th line, one plays mostly defense, one is coming off a bad year with some injury problems, and one is a guy I'd probably take over Somik on the 4th line if you are strictly discussing 4th line players. Please do your research on what players actually play 4th line instead of having me explain it to you.

As for me saying Primeau to be an enforcer? Where did I say that? I said that Primeau could provide energy and that he can drop the gloves, most of the time that he drops the gloves are in meaningless games anyway. Face it, the goon is a dying breed in the NHL.

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