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12-20-2010, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
Where are you Renney apologists now? C'mon out. Heck we have a couple mods who still continue to praise him whenever he's brought up.

Always people would dump on Slats, "it's the team he assembles, it the players he drafts", well he works with his staff people. When Torts came in one thing should have been clear, Slats make personal moves based on what his coach wants....Was the Redden signing a bad betcha and I no doubt put Renney's influence on that too.

Towards the end I fell out of favor with Tom Renney and I thought he should be moved out because there were better options. I continued to believe he's a nice and classy guy. Lately I've been watching the documentary Oil Change and it's been following Tom and the Oilers, but finding out about this kills it for me. This puts a whole other level of dislike on Renney for me. 2003 was such a good drafting class and this was such a bad draft for us.

HMMMM, you destroy him for the drafting of Jessimen and signing of Redden, are you then also willing to give him the credit for -
Del Zotto

Taking a shot on Girardi

Signing Avery and Roszival

That's 10 of our current Roster players right there...and with the exception of Gaborik (UFA) and Lundqvist (drafted 2000) that list up there is the heart and soul of our current team.

EDIT- Renney doesn't need Apologists, his successes here and the turnaround of the franchise from complete laughing stock to playoff team speaks for itself. While I dont think he's gods gift to coaching, he was much better than what we had for 10 yrs prior, and for the first time in a decade we had a coach leave with the franchise in a better position than where he found it.

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