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10-08-2003, 06:27 AM
Joe Cole
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I will start by saying that I have always disliked Brisebois' defensive game. Offensively, he has a good shot, passes well and has great hand eye coordination.

Brisebois is a victim of a few things, number 1-he ain't that bright. Every year he says something that is bound to get him in trouble "check moi ben aller cet annee". #2-local media- I think it is part of being catholic to critize one of your own that is monitarily successful (the Irish and the Italians to the sam thing). #3-best D of a bad team (except malakohov) .

and he is overpaid.

But...the guys that are booing him are just stupid. They do not help the team. They boo no matter what happens, good or bad. They are just stupid sheep, following the retarded herd. Can't they figure out a way to express themselves that is more intelligent then "boooooo". It's like a bunch of intellectual midgets. Grow up.

Yes, he is soft. Yes he is out muslced by players half his size. Yes he makes rookie mistakes in his own end.

But booing....come on. Graduate from 6th grade.

The fact that his life (and his parents) has suffered is terrible. Then again, why did he not wave his no-trade clause. If I was him, I would say "get me on the first train outta here, suckers!"

Do the right thing, Patrice. They have race tracks all over the US. Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca, VIR. oh yeah...and they have hockey rinks too.

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