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12-21-2010, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by scramble91 View Post
I think we will have to agree to disagree with this statement. Stolls D awareness is not on the same level as Zues. There is a reason why Zues is always on the ice for critical moments (5-3 PKs etc) Size also does mean alot when dealing with the big centers in the league now. His patience and cool demeanor is part of what keeps the kings in every game. I dont think its a reach that Zues has been a big part in Simmonds and Cliffords development.

Im not jumping in the argument that Stoll isnt a good 2nd line center, because i think he is. But, on a championship contender i feel that we do need a upgrade. Both Stoll and Zues are good at what they do, but neither have great playmaking skills, which is part of the issue. Is Stoll/Zues at the same level of a Kesler, Briere, Giroux, Staal, Malkin, Sharp, (or the glut of Detroit centermen)? These teams i beleive are the ones that are the real contenders this season, and all of them have great 2nd line centers (even going 3 deep).

This is why im a big advocate in trying for Richards because he can serve multiple purposes. He can/did play Wing before. He can teach Schenn and Kopitar at the same time. Dean loves his Bridge pieces, and Richards would be a perfect fit for a 3 year stint. (probably not realistic that he would go for a 3 year contract since it will be his last decent sized contract) But i can dream...
You talking about Brad Richards? I don't think he is leaving Dallas and he isn't coming cheap.

If it is Mike Richards, he has a long term contract with the Flyers. I don't see him leaving Philly but I agree with your point about looking at other elite teams and seeing their Centres are a powerful 1-2 punch, in some cases 1-2-3 deep with legit centres and they are cup contenders. I think Dean recognizes the need for a second line centre. He's talked about it a lot, and I don't see Schenn stepping into that second line role for a couple years and see him being more of a Jordan Staal type in the meantime.

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