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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
Mods feel free to sticky this if need be. It is a little early but I am bored so figured would get some deadline talk going.

What I think they will look to do is acquire a bottom pairing dman who is on the last year of his contract. I do not believe they have that much trust in Bartulis and would rather have someone else if there was an injury. You cant count on Walker at this point. This is what I see happening.

1. Walker is cleared to play be mid February. He is then waived for the duration of the season. He will get into playing shape with the phantoms. Will be a depth guy come playoff time.
2. Leighton I also believe will be waived in mid Feb for the duration of this season as well. Unless the wheels fall off the rushkie (which is possible) and boucher,I do not see him getting an opportunity to play.
3. Bart will be part of the package to get that bottom pairing guy along with a pick.
4. What do the flyers do with the goaltending? I am confident as can be they will never win a cup with leighton and boucher as your goalies. The rushkie has now until mid Feb to show he will be the guy. I am not sold on him yet and it is a lot of pressure to ask someone of his age and experience to handle. When you have 18 talented skaters like the flyers do I just cant comprehend how you leave such a huge question mark in goal. Do you make a move for someone else, without killing the depth you have? I think they should, depending on the cost.
5. Does Carcillo get moved? If so do they acquire an other vet 4th line guy or call someone up from the phantoms?

6. Waiving Leighton and Walker will give them some decent cap space i believe. They have the pieces with goaltending being thw weak link imo.

A lot will depend on how the team looks in 6 weeks and things can change no doubt. Injuries, poor play, whatever. Just my little opinion for the day.
Bobrovsky=24 15 5 - 3 0 56 694 .919 2.44 1,377
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And ppl werent sure of Neimi last year either.So far i AM confident of our goaltending ,and i think Bob will do just fine

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