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12-21-2010, 10:30 AM
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I play in the Central/North Jersey area, so feel free to ask away and I'll try to help.

For the record, I started inline hockey at age 19 and ice at age 21, so I know what it's like to not start as a kid. Beginner leagues or most teams in general are very supportive, and I've never seen anyone really bash someone for trying to learn. There are always a few meatheads, but even they don't usually cause any problems.

I've played with and against women who were playing in Mens leagues. Some had about the same experience, others clearly had more. I've never had a problem with them, nor have I really seen any. I've had one or two times where I've bumped them to the ice, but I never barrel through anyone and it was the usual incidental contact. If a guy had been there, the same thing would have happened. I know people who "hold up" on women because they're women. I usually don't, as they're wearing a suit of pads, and once you fall down the first time you realize it doesn't hurt, so it's not a big deal (and if anyone has a problem with that, tough. Women fought for and gained equal rights and have had them for decades now. They're not sissies, they're HOCKEY PLAYERS). I obviously don't try to barrel through anyone unless they have it coming their way (aka meatheads, as you put it). I know generally women's leagues tend to be small. If you find a place that has a good one I recommend joining it. But don't throw the idea of joining a beginners men's league out either. Most rinks that know a team has a women will supply them with their own locker room too.

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