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12-21-2010, 11:53 AM
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I have not played in the HNA at mennen arena but it looks like a good program and I posted a link to them in another thread

I'm sure that it will suit your needs to start.
I started to play in my 40s so it's not so laughable but woman are goons especially in the corners! I get roughed up in the corners when I play with woman at shinny. Men tend to be gentle with woman especially with beginners. In most adult beginner leagues any contact will happen from skating with your or their head down.

Just do it! it is the most fun you will have ever if you really want to learn.
search through this site and look at all the stories about (Older) beginners who get on the ice with a stick and a puck for the first time and are hooked.

I started 3 years ago and I improve every time I get out there and I'll be moving back to Jersey (Morris county) eventually, and I hope to be pined on the boards by you by then. (I'm telling you woman are rough on the boards and in the corners) The HNA looks like they have the stuff together for safety and hockey education from what they have posted on there website.
Aspin Ice has some leagues but I don't get the same feeling from my contact with them as I do from the HNA site.

I played net in a "coed" beginner league over the summer here in Canada and there where a few guys who played a long time ago and just wanted to tune up for the next beer league season and as hard as they where on me (OUCH) They where easy on the beginner men and all the woman.

Have you met Beth? she has a thread she started and might be able to help you a bit.

Good lady who is just starting her hockey career.

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