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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Except for the Boston game 7 when he immediately allowed 3 goals, and game whatever in the Montreal series.

Leighton isn't the answer, and he's an expensive not-answer. Boosh is doing just fine for cheaper. I wouldn't mind dumping him, yet at the same time I do because I have less faith in Backlund.
Goalies like Boosh, Leighton, perhaps even Bob, will probably do well in some PO series vs some teams and not well vs others... ie like Leighton did great vs Bos and Mtl but not vs Hawks.

This is what differentiates them from the great goaltenders like Roy and Brodeur in their primes, who did well vs everyone (well, that and the fact they were paid 5 times more LOL)

The key skill is rotation... to watch a goalie carefully and switch him in a series where he's struggling.. before it gets out of hand.

Last year, in the Hawks games where Leighton was switched, Boosh did not do much better. Maybe with a similar situation this year, Philly has three goaltenders ... perhaps try all three in a series.

The only Cup I can think of where goalies were switched up was Carolina.

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