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12-21-2010, 02:36 PM
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It's the cheap shots that get me.

I had a pretty decent game last week and had some especially soft hands (don't know where they came from or have been all my life). One shift I stickhandle in the O zone around one guy, then through another's legs, then battle with one guy along the boards where I get the puck back, come around and through another guy, and pass it to the point. We get a shot on net, and the rebound bounces to them and they start to skate up ice, and one of their guys full on butt ends me right in the shoulder (a good 10 seconds after I let go of the puck). So I turn around and cuss him out but I'm not a cheap shotter so I let it go.

A couple shifts later, I come up the ice, move around the defenseman, take a shot on goal, and sure as ****, the same guy elbows me in the head. Later that game, he takes a run at one of our guys, rips of his helmet and gets taken down in the corner, where he proceeds to whine and cry to the refs all the way to the bench. Once in the box, he goes over to the scorekeeper and starts cussing and whining again.

I felt bad for the rest of the team. Seemed like nice enough guys, but it just takes one ***hole.

We had a few d-bags on our first team. It was nice that nobody would mess with you, but any time we lost the captain would just be an a-hole in the locker room and in e-mails. I prefer playing with laid back guys who just love the game, BS on the bench and in the room, and go out for pops.

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