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12-21-2010, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Speaking of Stories. Hovercraft, you can appreciate this. My Dad is 60 years old and has been a fan of the Habs his entire life. He is from Newfoundland so the thought of meeting an actual NHL hockey player is a big deal. So, a few years back me and my brother and Dad met up in Montreal to watch a game versus the Flyers.

Fast forward to afterwards. Me and my brother are rockin our Flyer jersey at the bar. Who is there? The Habs. So, Koivu and Turner Stevenson are standing next to my brother at the bar with noboby around so my brother says "Hey guys, sorry to bother you. My Dad flew all the way up from Newfoundland - would you sign his hat?".

Koivu "*** off"
My brother......shocked
He comes back and tells us what happened, we are shocked. Like really, what a tool.

Mark Recchi was a Flyer at the time and must have seen this (he was out with the Habs for a beer as he played with them a year or two earlier). He comes over, signs the hat, jokes it up with the old man, just a genuine good guy.

It was tough for him to cheer for his team wtih Koivu on the team after that. But all three of us will ALWAYS have a soft spot for Recchi. He made our night.
Wow, I wouldn't have expected that out of Koivu, to be honest. What a dick. God love Recchi and what he did for your Dad.

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