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Originally Posted by pkd88 View Post
It always seems odd that playing hockey unleashes the sociopath in players and at times, that includes me. I have never attacked any player or done things to hurt players but I become very agitatorish and sometimes I am not happy with it.

I am old now (45) and don't play due to injuries and my anxiety problems but I hope maybe to get back in shape and try again.
It's not just hockey, trust me. I'm 44 and play soccer in what is supposed to be a rec 'just for fun' women's league made up of 'ladies' mostly my age. I can't tell you how many times I've been pushed to the ground and roughed up. Thankfully we have good refs who call penalties, but it always amazes me how some people take rec league sports WAY too seriously.

I'm going to play amateur psychologist for a moment and guess that maybe they had no talent for sports in their younger days and are taking out their frustrations now, or maybe they're trying to relive whatever glory they once had. But once you're out of college, if you haven't made the big time you never will, so give it a rest!

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