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12-21-2010, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I agree. Its slowly marching out of Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, across the Rockies & right on into the Pacific.
killion, did you get this CFL information off a floppy disk on your apple 2e? aint 1992 anymore dorothy.

the CFL boasts the 7th highest average attendance of any sports league on earth.

it has a 5 year tv deal worth $80m, its most lucrative ever.

television ratings have been growing every year and are at their highest level ever....higher than the NFL in canada...

the last 2 grey cups had the highest viewership ever....with a total of 14m canadians watching some part of it, averaging 6.1m over the full game....the final game of the stanley cup finals in the last 2 years only drew 3 million viewers in canada.

5 of the 8 teams are undertaking the construction of new facilities or major renovations to their existing ones...including the half billion dollar BC place project.

the allouettes are not losing millions as you claim....they recently expanded their stadium by 20% and added 25 luxury suites....they have had several seasons in a row of complete sellouts and the popularity of football in the province of quebec (see laval rouge et or) has never been higher.

there are no teams hemmoraging money....they all hover around break even....3 or 4 are quite profitable.

the future of the CFL has never been brighter.....if anything in 5 years the league will be 20% larger....hopefully with 100% more roughriders.

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