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12-22-2010, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Winroba View Post
No, it's not exactly like that.

The $100k is because without Salo, the Canucks have spent $59.3mil and the remaining cap space on LTIR is simply what the Canucks haven't filled. So they could replace a $500,000 player with a $600,000 player to use up that last bit of cap space.

When a player is on LTIR his salary isn't pro-rated.
I'm aware of that. That's why I talked in terms of cap hit, which I assumed WAS "pro-rated" when dealing with LTIR (and I always understood that it would be in terms of # of days in the season, not days in a year, or whatever). In fact, you continue with:

Originally Posted by Winroba View Post
To simplify it a bit, I'll explain it like this.

There's two hundred and something days in the regular season. Every day of the season the player is active on the roster (or on short term IR) his cap hit is divided by 1/two hundred somethingth.

So say there were 100 days in the season, a player who was making $100 per year's cap hit would go down by a dollar for every day he was on the active roster. If he were on LTIR for 50 days out of the season, his cap hit would go down by two dollars every day.

Now to put this back into Salo, he gets his full salary, but the Canucks don't "bank" anything by having him on LTIR, they are simply allowed to exceed the salary cap by Salo's cap hit, however they have to be 100% cap compliant before Salo can be brought back into the lineup.
Yeah, so I think it turns out that I knew what I was talking about and simply didn't know what the numbers on nhlnumbers and capgeek were telling me. capgeek has handy little ? hover help balloons which I have finally found, and I think I'm back on the same page with reality.

I did, however, forget about having to be cap compliant again before the player can be brought back in from LTIR. It escaped my consideration for a moment that every call-up to replace a non-LTIR issue whittles away at remaining cap space, and, in fact, can push you over in some cases (as can trades, but I was considering that, obviously). Is this what has happened with the Canucks? I mean, they started the year cap compliant, right?

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