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10-08-2003, 06:31 AM
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I totally agree with you-

Originally Posted by omar
I have watched this interview on Sportsnet at least 4 times and this quote is incorrect. What Mike Comrie said was ""My goal is to do whatever I can to be THERE this year, and we'll go from there. We have said it is going to remain confidential, the two sides are talking."
My interpretation of "THERE" is that he was refering to the NHL, not Edmonton. With his agreement with Lowe not to say anything in public I believe he is trying to be extra careful. Maybe he should have been a lawyer.
I watched that last night with my wife about 4 times too (who hates hockey and is an impartial observer-) and even she said "It looks like he'll never play for the Oilers again." And unfortunately, I'd have to agree with her. NOTHING from that interview suggested that he'd be back. In fact, Gene Principe went as far as to ask Comrie if he'd ever be an Oiler again and Comrie totally deflected the question and looked annoyed. He started his sentance with something like "Geez, Gene.." and finished off with saying the usual about him being prepared to play and hopefully playing in the NHL soon. I would be EXTREMELY suprised if he wasn't traded. It's no good, but he will be traded. Anyone who saw that live would agree.


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