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12-22-2010, 01:54 AM
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Originally Posted by piper View Post
It's not just hockey, trust me. I'm 44 and play soccer in what is supposed to be a rec 'just for fun' women's league made up of 'ladies' mostly my age. I can't tell you how many times I've been pushed to the ground and roughed up. Thankfully we have good refs who call penalties, but it always amazes me how some people take rec league sports WAY too seriously.

I'm going to play amateur psychologist for a moment and guess that maybe they had no talent for sports in their younger days and are taking out their frustrations now, or maybe they're trying to relive whatever glory they once had. But once you're out of college, if you haven't made the big time you never will, so give it a rest!
In my old rec league we had a guy who was 6'4" probably about 220-230lbs and mean as ****, who got a tryout with the Calgary Hitmen but turned it down because he was going to make a ton of money he takes out the frustrations of a dumb decision on the rest of the players in the league...this guy makes Chris Pronger look like a sweet natured, gap toothed kid. So one time after taking a beating of crosschecks in front of the net (no contact league) by this meathead I caught him with his head down and hammered him out (as much as a 195lb guy could do to this monster), he gets up and wants to fight me...I get a penalty for hitting him (none for any of his crosschecks)and the ref calls me an idiot for provoking him and tells me he gonna kill me. Great league, glad i left.

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