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12-22-2010, 08:28 AM
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Originally Posted by OptimusPrime View Post
While I agree some of his picks like Backlund, Wahl, Howse, Brodie have been more 'high ceiling' guys, I can never agree with the argument that you can't stock a farm system by drafting boom/bust picks. Why can't you have a bunch of really skilled, offensively gifted players in the AHL? Why do they all have to be Chucko/Pardy/Pelech type players? IE USELESS on the big stage.

Just explain why you need to draft so conservatively if you don't have prospects to begin with; because we still only have 5-7 legitimate prospects anyway, only now we've got a ton more warm bodies. Is that how it works?
Originally Posted by Some Other Flame View Post
I don't buy the argument that Darryl drafted a bunch of 'safe' players because he needed to restock the farm. For one, if he needed players for the farm, why not just sign AHL talent and let them play. Besides, drafted players don't immediately report to the AHL anyway; they either remain in juniors for another two years, finish college, or go straight to the NHL. Saying Sutter drafted Chucko just so he could play in the AHL is not only incredibly stupid, but actually suggests an NHL general manager would draft players not to help the team he's trying to achieve success with, but rather for the AHL level. That's just ********. I mean, if you're trying to flesh out a farm team, why simply draft players with little to no chance of making the NHL? Why not players who actually have chances to achieve something at the NHL level? Not only do you restock the farm, but also get players who have the potential to do more than just show leadership qualities.

Given that this was Darryl's first time being a GM, it's far more likely that he was simply sticking to what he knew. His early drafts, with a few exceptions, are full of those gritty, leadership guys that fit the 'Sutter' mold. It was only in 2007 that he began moving away from drafting those kind of players and starting getting players with actual talent. What we saw wasn't Sutter finally taking chances, but simply him maturing as a GM.

It's also why the 2010 draft saw him return to drafting 'safe' players. He knew he messed up by trading that 1st round pick only to have his team not make the playoffs and he likely figured he needed to produce picks that had as close as possible guarantees to making the NHL to salvage his mistake. Which just goes to show how stupid that man is since the post lockout NHL does not work that way.
I completely agree. I've making this argument for a few years, but only to have Lunatik claim that Sutter's approach was to restock the system. I never understood this rationale because a GM's job is to restock the system with talent. Winning and losing in the AHL comes secondary to drafting and developing players with skill. But instead of taking skilled players / boom-or-bust prospects, Sutter took the safe route and drafted a lot of pluggers over the years.

His approach to the draft is similar to his approach with building a hockey team - focus on the short term and the long term will figure itself out.

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