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06-17-2005, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Army
Reasons why the Leafs will suck, by year:

1998-1999- They're not going anywhere with three rookies on defence. Thomas is washed up and Berezin and Modin are not good enough to be top 6 players.

Result- 97 points

1999-2000- Last year was a fluke. Thomas can't repeat his season and the young players will fall back down to Earth.

Result- 100 points

2000-2001- The Devils dominated the playoff series last year. The other teams have figured out how to play them and the Leafs don't have the ability to compete with the trap.

Result- 90 points

2001-2002- The NHL is cracking down on obstruction. The Leafs rely too heavily on obstruction don't have the speed to compete in the new NHL.

Result- 100 points

2002-2003- The Leafs relied too heavily on Cujo all these years. His loss will finally be their demise. Belfour is washed up and is too old to carry the team like Cujo did.

Result- 98 points

2003-2004- Now they really are too old. They won't be able to handle the long season and they could be out of contention by spring. Don't be surprised to see them selling off assets at the trade deadline.

Result- 103 points

2005-2006- They've lost their "spending advantage" and they're going to have to rely on too many young players. This year really will be their demise (grins and rubs hands together).

Result- ???

Who ever you are talking to is an idiot........

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