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12-22-2010, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Krut View Post
Although the actions of the parent are despicable, isn't there a time when girls should play in their own league? When you get north of 12 years old it isn't right that they are hanging around the dressing room, and most if the time, they are amongst the worst players on the team and become subject to this kind of BS.

Unless the girl is the next Haley Wickenheiser, why not make it easy on yourself and play on a girls team?
I played with plenty of girls on all boys teams as I grew up. I played house my whole life(not sure if that's comparable to this A League in Ontario, but basically we had the rep tiers of A and B, and then C/House was the bottom).

Of course there were plenty of people who had struggles. Struggles skating, playing a physical brand of hockey...hell, I had my share of struggles with that second one. But one thing that the coaches never allowed was players to crap on each other, and it was especially frowned upon for parents to do so.

It was all about the team and being there for your teammates. It doesn't make a lick of difference to me(IMO) being on a team in a bottom tier league that has some players who are newer/weaker/slower whatever on it. That should absolutely not factor into the game at that level.

If it's rep, that's a different story. But that's not the case here, and Mr. Atis is a moron.

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