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12-22-2010, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by genericnyrusername View Post
Don't try to lump in all those groups together. Some of those groups aren't even real groups. There was no "useless/confrontational Torts of last season", he's the same guy this year as he was last year. YOU just misread him last year. YOU misread him last year. Repeated for emphasis. I think you're falling prey to the fallacy of equivocation with the boogaard talk. Important in that he adds toughness, yeah some think that, important enough that we should retain him no matter what? I doubt many would agree to that.

"resident kibitzer Brandon Dubinsky" Interesting way to describe him, not sure I would have pegged him that way, but then again I'm not in the locker room.
Are you seriously trying to suggest that there hasnt been a noticeable change in Tortorella's demeanor between this season and last?

I suggest you start paying attention.

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