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12-22-2010, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
I'm aware of that. That's why I talked in terms of cap hit, which I assumed WAS "pro-rated" when dealing with LTIR (and I always understood that it would be in terms of # of days in the season, not days in a year, or whatever). In fact, you continue with:

Yeah, so I think it turns out that I knew what I was talking about and simply didn't know what the numbers on nhlnumbers and capgeek were telling me. capgeek has handy little ? hover help balloons which I have finally found, and I think I'm back on the same page with reality.

I did, however, forget about having to be cap compliant again before the player can be brought back in from LTIR. It escaped my consideration for a moment that every call-up to replace a non-LTIR issue whittles away at remaining cap space, and, in fact, can push you over in some cases (as can trades, but I was considering that, obviously). Is this what has happened with the Canucks? I mean, they started the year cap compliant, right?
Sorry, I meant his cap hit isn't pro-rated, so we each made a mistake there.

The Canucks started out cap compliant but it was through a lot of moves. Both Burrows and Salo needed to be fit in the lineup before they could be placed on LTIR so Gillis (he has a guy who's job is specifically to crunch cap numbers) brought up lots of guys and sent a bunch of people down a whole bunch of times to fit everyone in.

It's confusing, the Canucks are one of the most difficult to explain teams in terms of cap.

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