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12-22-2010, 01:51 PM
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The parent should have talked to the coach and if he didn't like the answer he should have gone to the board of directors with his concern.

If this guy is a lawyer, he should understand the proper process for dealing with a matter like this. He looks like an idiot for going behind the coach's back and organizing the parents in a effort to get the girl kicked off the team. What a *******.

Now that his name is out all over the place, good luck to him trying to win over some new clients. I wouldn't use this guy as a lawyer since he's such a ********! He's done more harm to himself than the girl in this case.

I'm wondering where is the local hockey branch were this took place and why they not moved to suspend this guy from attending games. Clearly it is a violation of some rule in the standards set by Ontario Minor Hockey.

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