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12-22-2010, 03:11 PM
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Don't know why anyone's surprised.. People like Mr Atis aren't a new thing. Alot of people still walk around with caveman-ish thoughts.... they only keep them under control when they're around people that're open minded...

Mr Atis definately suffers from hockey-dad-itis... this combined with his belief (which apparently has been confirmed- at least to him) that "everyone around him had similar thoughts is of course what would lead him to be bold enough to do this.

Again, if the girl weren't pulling her weight and contributing I doubt the coach would reward her with ice time...But to completely embarass the poor kid by coming up with a memo style draft? good lord If I were a parent on that team I would've given him a few choice words and walked out...

again... evil thrives when good people do nothing... IF that team plays even one more game then every single parent/child/staff is complicit in mr atis's actions

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