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Originally Posted by Axxion89 View Post
So basically, this girl sucks at Defense, parent says hey the kid sucks, so lets move her to forward and take her off special teams untill she gets better or she can find another team if she doesn't like it? She moves to an all girls team and she likes it better, problem solved!

Honestly, if you wanna play with the boys, you're going to get treated like the boys. If you can't play at a level like everyone else, then expect to be told so. Just because you're a girl doesn't mean anything to me personally. Life lesson learned and she'll be a better person from it.


now ell me how many boys have had a meeting like that called about THEM?

And now she's gone I take it we can expect a meeting about the second worst( now first worst) player?

come on, you can't be THAT naive..

even with the "Changing" situation.. he might as well have tried the ol' "black people aren't smart enough to be coaches/quaterbacks trick...

I've coached for years, and I've had girls on my teams for years and somehow the kids have been able to handle themselves alot better than the adults.. most of the younger ones (sorry to dissappoint some) never actually get naked and hence we've had co-ed changing rooms.. once their bodies start changing its remarkeably easy to designate an extra locker room for them to change, then get back to the main one to be with their teammates (why do people act like rinks come with just TWO changing rooms in this day and age?)

I have NEVER EVER heard ONE child complain about the presence of a girl on his team (beyond the usual,.. coach she hit me too hard one... those lil girls can me mean, I tell ya )

A quick online search yields the sudden absence of mr atis' face book page and apparently people are showing their displeasure by encouraging each other to call whatever legal body supervises him in canada...

at least he'll know that not everyone has the same cave beliefs as him

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