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12-22-2010, 03:47 PM
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It's not for the parent to decide what's best for the team. That's the coach's job. Mr. Atis was completely out of line in terms of how he handled this, and trying to cast blame on the mother and grandmother is gutless and juvenile.

I would honestly have less of an issue with this if it was a request to remove her because she was a girl. You wanna say it's an all boys team or league, fine--there's plenty of leagues that do that and plenty of girls' leagues that do the same.

But this is bottom-level hockey for a bunch of 12 year olds and you're singling a kid out for not being talented enough. There is just no way that this idiot could ever justify that stance to me. He should stop meddling in the management of teams and simply enjoy the experience of watching his son play. But no, he's too stupid and narrow-minded to see anything other than a "weaker" player getting comparable ice time to his all star kid. (I hope no negative repurcussions are effected on his son because of his Dad's horses' assery).

Let the kids play and shut up.

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