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Originally Posted by Crazy Ivan View Post

How fun would it be if we can get in touch with a parent on the team who wasn't on George Atis' side and get that parent to bring up an agenda at the next meeting about "How his kid is now scared about Mr. Atis bringing up a contract about his play."
Something tells me his site was hacked:

I'll probably get a reprimand for this and/or it'll get edited out:
I don't know what you're talking about....... "duchebag and technology counsel" sounds correct to me

His "statement" from the same website

December 22, 2010

Statement regarding the Kayla Watkins story:

The issue with Kayla Watkins was one of several agenda items raised at the November 14, 2010 parents meeting. The 1st agenda item was a budget issue to deal with discrepancies in the budget for which Vanessa Watkins, Kayla’s mother, was (and is) responsible as the former “Team Manager”. Those budget discrepancies are still pending and Vanessa Watkins, in her capacity as Team Manager, will still have to answer for them.

Read the rest at his website.

what a ******... He couldn't take the coaches aside? I take it EVERY single person but HER on the team were top flight possible CHL draftees? please.. gimme a break. Its the same ol' over anxious hockey parent bull I've seen time and time again. If she was good enough to be picked on the team then she should be allowed to play. As a coach its alwas possible to find a way for a weak (if she was) player to fit into the team. This could only have been a problem if she was refusing to practice/listen etc... in stead the ****** tries to pull the.. "llook see? everyone thought what I did.. only I took the time, stayed up all night and drafted a JERRY MCGUIRE type memo expressing "our views" ...

I've already sent the dickwad a note and one to the LSUC (law society of upper canada).. IF he really wanted to use his skills for good he could've played mediator with the parents/coaches... but hey,.. now his little gretzky gets a chance to shine..
lookout for george jr at the 2016 draft... watchout crosby and ovechkin

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